Laser vs Traditional Cataract Surgery

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Laser Cataract Surgery is the most advanced surgical way to remove a cataract. We combine the ultra precision of the Alcon LenSx Femtosecond Laser and Dr. Spencer’s extensive surgical experience, to treat even the most challenging cases with confidence and outstanding outcomes.
Traditional Cataract Surgery is one the safest and most successful surgical procedures in the world. Dr. Spencer will perform your surgery with specialized instruments designed to yield precise and predictable results.
Whether Laser or Traditional Cataract Surgery, think about choosing the latest generation Multi-focal Custom Intraocular Lens (IOL). It will have you seeing your best at both Distance AND Near Vision after surgery!
Did you know Dr. Spencer performs Cataract Surgery in the convenience and comfort of 6 different outpatient surgery centers and local hospitals? That’s right. At Iworks Laser & Vision Center it is our goal to deliver the most technologically advanced equipment and surgical techniques for your eye health.  Most cases are done with No I.V…No Needles and takes about 10 minutes!   
Laser Cataract LenSx OCT Image
lensx OCT
Laser Cataract Surgery
In Laser Cataract Surgery, Dr. Spencer creates a precise surgical plan for the corneal incision with an unprecedented 3-D image of the eye called an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). This allows Dr. Spencer to create an incision with a specific location, depth and length in all planes. With the OCT image and a LenSx laser, it can be performed confidently exactly as planned.
With our surgical experience and commitment to offer you the best, you will be seeing your best!
If you’re looking for the most advanced surgeon, equipment and technology for your cataract surgery CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION…because it’s all about seeing your best!