Sports Vision Assessment

102mph Fastball!!!
“Elite athletes understand the need to train and keep the body in peak fitness. With vision being the dominant sense in most sports, we must maximize all aspects of vision to maximize sporting performance”.  -Dr. Spencer
Sports Vision Assessment testing utilizes the latest technology in order to give patients their best possible outcomes/vision correction.  The Smart Vision system has increased accuracy of vision testing essential in delivering the latest custom vision correction whether the patient chooses Custom Lasik, Contacts or Glasses to correct their vision.
Having 20/20 vision means that you should be able to see the ball well, but what if your opponent sees the ball before you? What if your opponent can follow the ball better than you? You’re immediately on the back foot and they have that all important edge.
Most people judge their vision by how clearly they see. However, vision is much more complex; there are many processes contributing to vision, clarity of sight being just one.
We must also consider speed and accuracy of focus, depth perception, peripheral awareness, stability of eye dominance, how efficiently the two eyes work together as a team and much more.

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