3D Wavescanner

The 3-D WaveScanner combines four advanced technologies — in one easy-to-use refractive diagnostic workstation. Now, with a single device, Dr. Spencer can obtain Refraction information, Corneal Topography, Optical Path Difference (OPD) information and a Custom Wavefront Analysis.
The 3-D WaveScanner allows Dr. Spencer to evaluate you comprehensively, perform refractive and cataract surgery screenings, evaluate postoperative results, and determine pathology diagnoses. In short, the system gives you vision diagnostic capabilities that in the past were simply unavailable.
With the remarkable 3-D WaveScanner, Dr. Spencer can evaluate the your total visual system. Measuring both low- and high-order aberrations on a single axis, the 3-D WaveScanner gives us the power to diagnose patient complaints that simply could not be diagnosed before.
“Our 3-D Wavescans are a must for examining Astigmatism for signs of Keratoconus or Irregular Astigmatism. If you suffer from night time glare or halos, make sure you see us for a 3-D Wavescan.” – Dr. Spencer
“The 3-D WaveScanner has been an invaluable tool. For patients desiring Advanced Cataract surgery with one of our premium lens choices, this technology is a must to ensure exact placement and outcomes.” – Dr. Spencer